Villawood Brothel

A fully licensed Villawood brothel located in Sydney’s South-Western Suburbs. It has two shops located on the same street, 67A amd 27 Christina Rd Villawood. There are many range of choices in Asian ladies available offering full nude body massages, safe sexual intercourse and outcall services.

Name of Shop:  Adult Service Villawood

Address:  27 Christina Road, Villawood NSW

Phone: 9755 3663 shop 67A
Phone: 9754 1820 shop 27


$120/1 hour

Trading Hours:

7 Days 10am – 2am

Sex Story to Get Your Juices Flowing! (fiction)

I had one of the hottest experiences with Lisa. I knew she was hot under those clothes, but little did I know that I would be handling a volcano here. She is 29 she said, but when I saw her, she looked 25 something.  I was comfortable with her instantly and she seemed at ease.  She asked for a drink, and we spent some time talking. I noticed that she had big boobs. I wondered if she was padded or she was that big.  I would find out soon.

I saw her watching me eyeing her. She smiled and came closer to me, kissing me lightly on my cheek. She said she was a bit sweaty, while stroking my thigh and would like to bathe. She went to the bathroom and asked me to join her.  She started undressing me and kissing me at the same time. My hands were all over her. I almost ripped her blouse apart, and she laughed softly.  She was down to her bra and panty and looked hotter than I imagined. She turned around and asked me to soap her, which I did. I noticed her bra was not padded and her nipples were big too. I lathered her shoulders, the neck. She was kissing me all the time, and I was getting hard.

Before I knew, her hands were down there, feeling my hardness. Her movements were just right, and she knew where to apply the pressures. I unzipped her bra and those delicious boobs were now free, pressing against my chest. I lifted her and starting sucking at those beautiful nipples like crazy. We just kept on exploring each other, every part of body. We were now completely naked. She asked me to stand still, and before I knew I was in for the best Blow Job ever. She kissed my chest and slowly started going down. She hugged me tightly at the hips, burying her head down there.  It seemed like I was in heaven. She went a little lower and soon, I was inside her pretty little mouth.  Whatever she did, she was very good at it. I exploded suddenly as I could not contain myself anymore.

I lifted her wet body and carried her to my bed. She was as excited as I was and we started kissing each other. She asked me to sit and sat in my lap facing towards me. We were kissing again and she asked me to kiss her tits. I was simply waiting to get them in my mouth again. She was all wet and open down there. I felt her hands taking me and rubbing herself down there with while I was sucking at her boobs and her body all the time. The crazy actions went on for some time.  I could take it no longer anymore, and made her lie down.

She asked me to go slowly. I kissed her nipples and breasts, while she kept stroking my hips with her hands. I kissed her navel, tasting the sweetness in there. This girl was simply delicious everywhere. I couldn’t wait to go down there. Soon I was licking her wetness and she was enjoying every moment of it as me. Then I entered her slowly and had the best explosion ever. This was the best FS ever that I could remember!



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