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In 18th century England there was a thriving sex industry.

From 1750 to 1800 around 500 brothels were operating in London alone. Some women would be kept for their own use while others would be sold on or rented out to other establishments. There are still many unanswered questions surrounding this time of prostitution and how it affected society at large but one thing is certain, it had an impact upon people from all walks of life including rich aristocrats, clergymen, politicians, soldiers, sailors and even common folk.

One such example of this can be found in Australia where some historical buildings have been converted into brothels. This trend seems to have started during World War II when servicemen stationed overseas needed accommodation close by. It wasn’t until the 1960s that the idea took off as more and more cities began building up tourist attractions specifically designed for tourists who wanted cheap accommodation with easy access to beaches. In recent years these brothels have become popular destinations for couples wanting to spend intimate nights together away from home. One such establishment built in 1999 is located near the town of Port Macquarie which has since grown into a major holiday destination. Another well known brothel in Queensland is based in Cairns called The Sauna Rooms and another famous brothel hotel can be found in Coffs Harbour also named the Ocean Breeze Hotel.

So what do we know about them? Well they’re usually run by foreign owners, offer basic services like food and drinks and often include extras like spa treatments etc. Most importantly though they tend to cater mostly towards men although there are some female owned brothels too. They range from simple hotels to full fledged clubs so you’ll find everything under one roof. Many provide rooms for single males only while others will take both male and females. And if you’ve got your heart set on staying overnight then most places will let you stay for longer periods of time. You could say they’re kind of like hostels on steroids!

But not every establishment follows the same rules. Take the case of the infamous ‘Cleopatra’ nightclub in Melbourne. According to the owner this place is “a club rather than a brothel” claiming he doesn’t rent his premises to anyone except consenting adults. He claims he wouldn’t allow any non-consenting clients inside anyway because they might see something inappropriate. So why did police raid the club in 2010? To answer that question we need to first look at Victorian laws concerning sexual activities between consenting adult partners. Section 163A of the Sexual Offences Act states that it’s illegal to engage in oral sex, vaginal intercourse or anal penetration whether performed manually or through an object. However section 165B allows prostitutes to perform fellatio (oral stimulation) on each other provided they don’t receive payment for doing so. Police raided the club after receiving complaints from patrons saying they felt uncomfortable in the environment. Apparently staff weren’t aware they couldn’t legally touch customers either unless they agreed to pay for services rendered. But does that make sense? If a customer wants to give money to someone for sex shouldn’t they get to choose exactly whom they want to go to bed with? Would you feel comfortable walking into a strip bar and paying a woman behind the counter to dance on stage for you? Probably not.

It’s fair to say the public reaction to the incident was mixed. On the one hand it’s very obvious that Victoria Police didn’t think the law applied here given they chose to raid the club despite no evidence being presented against it. But on the other hand it shows just how much confusion exists regarding what constitutes legal sexual activity. Prostitution itself isn’t considered illegal anywhere in Australia but individual sections within our state legislation criminalises specific practices associated with it. What happens in Melbourne stays in Melbourne right? Unfortunately not always…

Another interesting point worth mentioning in relation to the above story is that police officers aren’t necessarily experts in matters relating to human sexuality nor should they be expected to understand the intricacies involved in different types of relationships involving consenting adults. A quick Google search reveals a number of articles written by former cops discussing the issue further.

Now I’m sure you’d agree that having sex with strangers while drunk or high must rank pretty low down on everyone’s list of desirable experiences. Even if you consider yourself open minded and adventurous, chances are you won’t enjoy getting naked with complete strangers and letting them grind themselves onto you. That said, it turns out the majority of Australians actually prefer having sex privately over going to a brothel. This may sound strange considering most people associate the latter option with sleazy backroom trysts filled with drunken hook ups. But according to figures released recently by market research company Nielsen QSR Group, 58% of Australian men preferred private sex compared to 28% preferring brothels. Similarly 61% of women preferred private sex versus only 27% who preferred brothels. Now that surely makes more sense! These preferences held true across all age groups.

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