Sasha the Ultimate Girlfriend Experience!

It has already been a week since my last sexual encounter and was ready for another round of hot action. So off I drove to the nearest Asian brothel and was presented with 2 fine looking girls. One was Thai and the other Korean lady.

In the past, I’ve always avoided Korean girls because they’re known to have KPS or Korean Princess Syndrome. But as fate would have it, Roger presented me with two options – Jessica who’s Thai and is not bad at all, and Sasha…my dear Sasha. One look at her had me saying, “To hell with KPS!” I remember thinking, “I should have her now.”

Let me describe her to you. She’s pretty tall at close to 170 cm in height. She’s slim but with amazing curves. The pièce de résistance? It’s her boobs. They’re at least a C cup. She also has this pretty face that will make you forget about KPS.

Actually, I was prepared to be disappointed with her performance. I remember offering myself a “consolation prize” that at least I’d get to bang a slim and pretty Korean with huge racks. Imagine my surprise when we took a shower together with my little brother hard as a bullet sliding between her lovely bum crack. Wow! It’s like having your girlfriend service you in the shower after she did something very wrong and she’s trying to make it up to you. Sasha did an amazing job soaping my whole body. She even gave me a preview of what’s about to come as she “accidentally” rubbed her jugs against my (as you can probably imagine) hard-as-a-rock cock.

We then hopped onto the bed for the next phase of action. The cat-bath gave me a good view of her body. Seriously, just looking at her body makes her price worth it. This is why I felt like a lottery winner when we finally did what I was there for.

There’s nothing mechanical about Sasha’s service. She started with a request – for me to kiss her whole body. Hey, who am I to say no to the opportunity to kiss her whole body especially considering the fact that it has the looks and texture of milk?

She’s very responsive. As a tip, she likes it gentle. I found this out as she caressed my hair and back as a response to what I was doing to her. Speaking of being responsive, she gets really wet. If I close my eyes, even up to now, I can still smell and taste her glorious sweetness. Man, it makes me want to go back there right now.

She couldn’t take it anymore and literally begged me to get inside her. Thank God for steady hands as I was able to put on a condom quickly as she was begging me to fuck her. We started with the missionary position and ended up not changing positions. Why should we? It’s her favorite position and with all the kissing and necking that we’ve been doing while doing it missionary style, I could stay in that position for hours. I darted in and out of her slowly but surely, building momentum in the process as I feel her responses. As soon as I started to feel that she was about to cum too, I let my load go. We were in a passionate kiss as we came together.

Overall the experience was amazing and great value for your money. If you want a true girlfriend experience, this is the girl you don’t want to miss out on. Will I return and pick Sasha again? I’ve already made plans!

My Overall Rating

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