Question whats the go with 57 burwood?

im pondering whats the offer with this joint? do they have 2 shops with 2 figures?

i saw their web-site and msged the amount on the web-site. 0422707520. i asked them who was avail and for pictures. they sent me a connection. i checked out the pictures. the pics i preferred have been all active, so i just dropped in the look at out line up. cant don’t forget who i saw, but not a negative encounter.

about a week afterwards, i msged the similar variety, booked a lady. turned up there. when i arrived they didnt know what i was talking about. and now have a unique quantity. 0420816008.
so im not confident who i was msging on the very first quantity to reserve the female at 57, but boss didnt know what i was on about. no ladies had been free then, so i remaining.

so im wondering, who was i msging very first time on the initially selection?&#13

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