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Constantly keen to hear tales from those who are lucky plenty of to get a wild mamasan for what ever motive. How did it appear about and exactly where?

A good deal of doing the job Mamasans close to, and indeed, I do have a detail for mamasans , let’s see:

Ada/Coco – ex SL and Stanmore and Burwood

Candy – ex QVB, Pennant Hill Rd, now VIP Pyrmont

Yuki at this time at Bondi Rd

Eva ex shop 9, 741 George St

Teresa ex 372 Pitt

Cherry (not that &#127826 ex Stanmore & 48 the Strand

The infamous Mamasan double of Nicole and Vicky at the moment @ QVB

Alisa ex Rockdale

Alisa ex Dulwich Hill

Tiffany of Renwick and now at the sister store

Anna presently @ Campsie

Misty ex 501 At Michelle’s – she wasn’t a Mamasan at the time but became just one practically right away after so also counted

A unique Coco now @ 485 Parramatta Rd

As well as quite a handful of a lot more but prefer not to point out here.

But the 1 I actually definitely desired but couldn’t have was Foxy !

You really should browse extra opinions Bro !&#13

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