Question 269 Canterbury Rd Canterbury

Campsie/canterbury in general is rather lousy for therapeutic massage shops and brothels.

I makes use of to do the job out that way and have frequented lots of of the stores there about the a long time. Most are cheaply run chinese shops the place you happen to be additional most likely to get a dud or a 50yo cougar than something good.

The only exception would be 303 beamish which has a pair of suprisingly great ladies.

264 beamish and the a single up the ramp get raved about – I personally believe they are filthy shit holes. But hey.. some individuals are into the complete ‘dirty and dingy’ matter.

I would suggest going up the road to marrickville no5 individually. Way much better management, improved girls and competitive pricing in a clear store. Just my 2c.&#13

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