Paramatta Brothel Review – The Ultimate Brothel Tour Guide.

I have been a sex tourist in Australia for almost two decades now, mostly travelling to Sydney’s red light district of Kings Cross or the infamous Darling Quarter in Brisbane. However I was recently introduced to another area on Queensland’s Gold Coast called Paramatta where there is an abundance of adult entertainment venues such as lap dancing clubs, strip bars, go-go girls etc… Now I am no prude by any means but even after living here for over 10 years I still had not experienced what Paramatta has to offer. So when my good friend suggested we take her niece out for her 21st birthday celebration I decided this would be my first visit to one of these establishments. Here are some things about Paramatta that you may find useful if you’re planning on visiting soon!
What Is A Parramatta Brothel?
They can also sometimes referred to as’strip clubs’ because they usually feature ladies who perform nude lap dances for customers (or rent themselves out for erotic events) or ‘adult nightspots’, which is basically just like a regular nightclub with strippers. They are often frequented by tourists from around the world and provide them with cheap and easy access to adult entertainment (although it does get pretty expensive depending on your tastes).
The main difference between a parramatta brothel and other adult venues is that while most places tend to cater to heterosexual couples, many of those located in Paramata do cater more towards gay men. This might sound strange considering that although their location is close to major highways leading into Surfers Paradise Airport and Broadbeach only 40 minutes drive away from both Gold Coast airports, Paramata itself doesn’t seem very gay friendly. In fact, the majority of its residents are actually families and retirees rather than gays. Most people don’t know that Paramata used to be a quiet residential suburb before developers started building high rise apartments all along Eddy Ave/Parramatta Rd. The local council tried to stop development so new laws were passed restricting how much land could be built upon. These restrictions mean that today Paramata is full of large apartment complexes and shopping centres instead of houses and greenery. There are however plenty of restaurants, pubs and hotels in Paramata catering for everyone regardless of sexual preference.
There are currently 3 different types of brothels in Paramata:

Traditional / Backyard type

Go-Go Club Type

Traditional / Backyard Type
These are smaller, older style brothels that look exactly like a backyard barber shop. You walk up to the door and ask for “a girl” or “some action”. Once inside expect to see lots of pole dancers gyrating across tables and floors and maybe a few private rooms available too. It will cost anywhere from $25-$75 per hour plus tip but you’ll never feel pressured to pay extra since the girls are always happy to accept whatever money someone offers. Tip well though otherwise the staff won’t bother taking care of you

Go-Go Clubs
This newer breed of club tends to attract younger clients looking for fun and excitement. Expect to see hot young ladies dressed provocatively wearing short skirts, low cut tops and fishnets giving lapdances for tips. If you prefer something less risque then try going during off peak times when the crowds have left for dinner or later in the evening when the DJ starts spinning dance music making it easier to relax. Prices start at $45 per hour including drinks. Tips aren’t necessary unless you want to leave additional cash for champagne shots.

VIP Style
If you’ve ever visited Las Vegas, New York City or Bangkok chances are that you’ve heard of VIP suites. Well Paramata has its own version known as the VIP room. Not sure what that means yet? Basically it costs a little bit more than normal services ($80+) but you receive better treatment from the waitresses and entertainers. If you’re interested in seeing special performances or having your own personal escort sent to you make sure you book ahead through the receptionist at least 24 hours prior to arrival. Otherwise you’ll end up waiting forever for service.

Things To See and Do At Paramatta Brothel
Now let me tell you about what you should definitely include on your list of must do activities once you arrive at Paramata’s newest destination. First thing you need to know is that unlike Kings Cross, Surfer’s Paradise or Darling Quarter, Paramata isn’t really designed for leisurely strolls down wide boulevards lined with trees and grassy areas. Although there are several parks within walking distance it mainly consists of huge apartment blocks with parking spaces separated by fences and roads. Don’t worry though, there are still free carparks nearby every corner you turn.

So how else can you enjoy yourself here? Well apart from the usual lapdancing, stripping and prostitution business of course! Let me give you a rundown of some of the options you can choose from.

Restaurants & Bars
Most of the restaurants in Paramata serve international cuisine ranging from Vietnamese, Thai, Italian, Chinese to American fast food chains. For alcohol lovers there are 4 separate liquor stores offering beers, wines, spirits and mixers. Other than the usual hotel bars there are 2 unique drinking spots worth checking out. One of them is called G&T Lounge situated right next to the famous KFC restaurant on Eddy St. Another place is called Pink Elephant Pub which features live karaoke nights twice weekly.

Entertainment Venues
Apart from the standard strip clubs there are also bowling alleys and arcades featuring games like air hockey, billiards etc.. For movie buffs there is a cinema complex showing mainstream movies as well as independent films. Also check out the latest release DVD section at Blockbuster Express. What’s great about Paramata is that there are tons of family oriented entertainment centers which makes it perfect for kids parties. Some of these include water slides, laser tag arenas and mini golf courses. As long as you keep away from the adult entertainment venues you shouldn’t run into problems.

Hotels & Accommodation
As mentioned earlier, Paramata doesn’t really consist of traditional hotels. Instead there are massive apartment buildings packed together creating small communities. Apartments come in 1 bedroom or 2 bedrooms configurations and are divided into shared units and individual ones. Shared unit owners share toilets, showers, kitchen facilities and laundry machines. Individual tenants have their own bathroom and kitchen. Parking is usually limited to resident cars only so guests staying overnight usually park their rental vehicles outside the gates. Check the website below for the nearest accommodation near you.

Other Things To Note
Although Paramata seems to be fairly safe and clean overall I wouldn’t recommend using Uber cab drivers due to their tendency to rip unsuspecting visitors off. Besides being cheaper taxis are safer and allow you to avoid driving drunk back home. Make use of public transport and catch a bus or train to travel around town. Never walk alone late at night especially in isolated parts of Paramata. Always carry enough change for cabs. And lastly remember to bring condoms.

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