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Weekly roster
Shop9/741 George st:
Cecilia(19yo, student, long legs), winnie,cindy(19yo, nti,10-2:30, 6-11),
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Kitty(10-5:30, stunning & scorching ),Gloria(tw, 10am-11pm, well-liked),Vivian(tw, scheduling only),Sakura(6-10, japan), Grace(11-05), Lolita, Joyce, phoebe(nti, good therapeutic massage talent nurse)

Store9/741 George st:
Tina, Grace
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Carli(4-11),Kitty(incredibly hot), Cecilia(19yo,10-3), Sammy (19yo, college student), Selina(new), phoebe(nti), joyce, Lolita

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iTiffany (Chinese, college student),Cindy(19yo, nti,10-3:30,6:30-11), Grace
392 sussex st:
Reina(2-11, D cup), Kiki(tw,20yo, nti), Cecilia(19yo , student), Phoebe(1-11, nti), Kitty(afternoon,sizzling), Lolita, Sakura(5-10)

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Store9/741 george st
Cecilia(19yo, pupil),Grace, phoebe
392 sussex st:
Mina(10-5:30, new product), kitty (10-6, incredibly hot), Betty(new,scholar), Vivian(1-11, tw),Sammy(19yo, college student),Lolita,Phoebe(nti, great massage expertise), Joyce(great massage competencies),

Store9/741 george st, Haymarket
Cecilia(10-8,19yo, student), Grace(10-6), Cindy(19yo, pupil, nti)
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Carli(4-11, most popular ~), Reina(3-11, hot), Sammy(19yo, lovable pupil), Phoebe(3-11), Vivian(9-late), Sakura(Japan,6-10), Lolita, Tina(8:30-11), Joyce, Yuki(TW,reserving only)

Shop9/741 george st
Cindy(19yo, nti, 12:30-3,7-11, university student), Tiffany, Cecilia(10-6)
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Emma(G cup), Kiki(6-11, t w,20 yo),Reina(2-11), Lolita, Vivian(tw),Tina, Phoebe(nti), Joyce, Yuki(tw,bookin only)

Shop9/741 George st
Cindy(19yo, nti), Grace(10-3), Phoebe(nti)
392 Sussex st:add➕ divasydney to c pic看图
392 Sussex Avenue:
Teresa(12-11), Kitty(really),Lolita, Emma(g cup), Sammy(19yo), Vivian(tw, scheduling only), Joyce, Yuki(tw, booking only)

Diva be aware: Diamond company onlyNti=new to sector, =shop recommendation, =new woman , =holiday break before long

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