Inside The Toowoomba Brothel: What’s It Like?

“Brothel”, “whoring house”. These are words that can send shivers down your spine. We all know how these images and more will be painted when we even whisper them into someone else’s ear. But have you ever thought about actually visiting one for yourself? Well if you haven’t then I highly recommend it as a great way to see Australia from an entirely new perspective. Now why would anyone want to visit their local brothel when they could go on vacation or take in some other form of entertainment such as sightseeing or shopping instead? If only they knew exactly what they were getting themselves into…

Tour Of My Local Toowoomba Brothel
I had never heard of this place until my friend invited me along with her to tour around his local Toowoomba brothel (yes there is one). So off we went and after driving through countless streets filled with houses full of people having sex with whores inside, we finally made our way to the main street where most of the action seems to happen. There was plenty of cars parked up outside while others drove past us slowly eyeing the windows before continuing on their journey. After walking over to the corner shop we decided to grab ourselves a coffee so we sat at the window looking out onto the street watching the world go by.

At first glance everything seemed normal enough but upon closer inspection you start noticing things aren’t quite right. First of all there weren’t any women just sitting in front of the shops waiting for customers like normally happens in a real brothel. Instead there was a bunch of men dressed in various uniforms ranging from police officers to security guards who looked pretty menacing standing near the door. On top of that there wasn’t a single woman anywhere to be seen which meant we were definitely not going to get anything done today.

So next time somebody tells you that brothels don’t exist in Australia then remind them that this isn’t true because apparently there is one located in Toowoomba called ‘The Tack’ which has been operating since 2004. You may also remember reading about another brothel somewhere in Queensland called ‘The Shower Club’. Both being owned by the same person named James McRae. Now let me tell you something – he won’t be happy to see you here either. As soon as he sees you he’ll probably ask you to leave immediately. This guy doesn’t play nice.

After witnessing this scene unfold in front of my own eyes I felt somewhat disappointed knowing that this was supposed to be a fun day experience. However, despite feeling angry and disgusted towards Mr McRae who clearly didn’t care about his business ethics, I still wanted to find out what it really feels like to walk into a brothel and check out those ladies working behind the scenes. Luckily for me two friends happened to be passing through town so we decided to give it ago and head back to the brothel together.

Here’s a quick run down of what it’s like to enter a brothel. When you walk in you’re greeted by a receptionist who asks you whether you’d prefer private or group sessions. Then once you’ve chosen you’re taken to a room usually equipped with four beds. Depending on what type of session you choose, you might end up spending half the night talking with different girls who offer you massages, body rubs, foot rubs & hand jobs, blowjobs etc. Some of the girls work solo while others team up with each other and share clients between them. Either way it’s always a good idea to make sure you bring lots of cash otherwise you’ll be left empty handed. Once everyone gets naked you’ll spend 20 minutes chatting with the girl on top of you while she gives you a free massage followed by 10 minutes of foreplay. After that comes the actual sex part which lasts for 5 minutes. And yes it does sound degrading but trust me it’s worth every cent.

If you do decide to become a client however keep in mind that prices vary depending on the region you live in and what services you desire. For example in Brisbane the cost starts at $A$120 per hour whereas elsewhere it’s higher starting at A$150 per hour. Also expect to pay extra fees for bringing in your own personal female companion or hooker. In addition to that tip, try asking the receptionists if they accept debit cards or credit card payments as well. Overall though this trip turned out to be a lot better than expected and it did seem like many locals enjoyed the experience too. Unfortunately for me I’m now banned from entering again due to breaking laws relating to prostitution which means I need to wait 6 months before trying it myself again.

One thing I should mention is that unlike many places in America/Canada, Australian brothels tend to cater mostly to couples rather than singles. Most Australians believe that visiting prostitutes is wrong therefore most brothel owners provide customer privacy by separating rooms based on gender. Another difference involves the amount of nudity involved during the entire process. While American brothels often require you to strip completely nude, Australian brothels typically allow you to wear just underwear or nothing at all.

Now that we’ve covered the basics of what goes on inside a brothel, lets talk about the legality surrounding it shall we?

    As mentioned earlier, the law regarding brothels varies across states in Australia. This means that wherever you live you should research your state’s laws pertaining to brothels prior to making plans to visit. Since 2006 Queensland has allowed legal brothels throughout the whole country including areas such as Toowoomba. Prior to this date brothels were only permitted within certain cities under strict rules set forth by the government. Although there are no official statistics available for Toowoomba itself, nationwide figures show that approximately 1% of males admit to visiting brothels at least once. That number alone makes Toowoomba Queenslands third highest city for male visitors to brothels.

In terms of safety, Toowoomba brothels have very low crime rates compared to other parts of Australia. In fact, they rank lower than major cities like Sydney and Melbourne according to recent reports. One reason for this is that the majority of brothels are privately owned which reduces opportunities for criminal activity. Another factor is that most operators use high quality CCTV cameras installed both inside and outside the premises. Finally, the best way to avoid trouble is simply to stay away from brothels altogether.

    Although the exact location of Toowoomba’s brothels remains unknown, the general consensus among experts is that they operate in a small area roughly covering Main Street, Ann Street, Laidley Hill Road and possibly nearby suburbs. In comparison to New York City and Las Vegas, this part of Queensland is relatively quiet and safe considering its size. Therefore it provides the perfect environment for running illegal operations without attracting much attention.

Most of the current brothel businesses in Toowoomba started appearing sometime in 1990’s although some claim to have existed as early as 1985. Because the community grew quickly it became obvious that regulations needed to be put in place and thus the present system began taking shape. By 2008 most brothels in Toowoomba had obtained licenses from QLD Police Department meaning they could legally trade their services. Many of them even advertise online nowadays. Despite the positive change, the industry continues to face criticism regarding its morality. On occasions cases of abuse against workers have occurred resulting in several arrests. Other critics say that allowing brothels to open helps spread STDs amongst patrons and spreads false perceptions about sexuality to impressionable children. Still others argue that closing brothels sends innocent citizens searching for sexual satisfaction deeper underground thereby increasing problems associated with drug usage and violence. No matter what side of the fence you stand on, the bottom line is that nobody knows everything related to brothels and sometimes opinions differ greatly.

For instance, in 2007 a study conducted by Dr. Michael Parkinson concluded that most married men fantasize about visiting brothels at least once per month. He attributed this to feelings of inadequacy and lack of confidence that lead to frustration and depression. Furthermore, he believed that this fantasy can help relieve stress caused by everyday pressures. This shows that although society views brothels as immoral, many consider them beneficial in achieving their goals. Personally speaking, I agree with this statement because I noticed that many guys enjoy expressing themselves sexually through role playing scenarios provided by professional escorts. They feel empowered afterwards showing that they indeed possess self control and discipline. Additionally, many women enjoy receiving money directly into their hands and using it to buy whatever they please. With regards to health issues, studies suggest that visiting brothels rarely results in spreading diseases unless condoms are neglected or used incorrectly. Lastly, it must be kept in mind that some brothels employ bouncers armed with guns to protect their employees and guests.

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