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Hey all, i am somewhat new but have caught up some in excess of previous couple of months. Acquiring it complicated to track the variety ie trim, petite, younger.

It looks not kosher to do facts on discussion board, but possibly swaps through PM, particular for CBD region? Also have conscious of a handful of who tick 2 out of 3 bins.

This seems to be within just rules but pls recommend if not cheers.

consider Leejin 0411096637
Korean girl. tickes 3 out of 3 containers. some of the people today in right here will be common

Ariel. Aussie. 0455311800. ticks 3 out of 3. may possibly reply gradual. will not likely work past 9pm each day.

Brandy. Aussie. 0477215822. tall woman. not skinny but not 90kg possibly. at the moment out of town but ought to be back following several times ? i have texted her which is what she said.

Alyssia. States she is Aussie but I feel Eastern European. 0423959319. Knows her way close to the bedroom. probably 30yo ? Not confident.

Damn, do i audio like a pimp !!??!!&#13

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