General talk Redescorts site…yay or nay? [Archive] – Aus99 Forum

Large nay, my understanding is that respected providers don’t use it.

I’ve not too long ago observed private WL’s post on Twitter that their profiles are on that web-site without their consent, appears RedEscorts are striving to enhance their articles by copying aspects and photographs of recognized suppliers to make it appear like they have additional advertisers and are a extra preferred platform than in truth, somewhat than accept the free marketing the females have then experienced to request for their profiles to be taken down. Any way you seem at it that’s dodgy AF.

Yeh, thats the vibe i got, i just couldnt shake the alarm bells no make any difference what my cock was telling me. Obtained an RDO right now and was just surfing wanting for a trip and didnt want to venture considerably from household. Thnks for the heads up.

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