General talk Dee dee thai massage near Darra station

So bought bored and thought id try some thing this facet of city.

Went to 136 station street, locanto incorporate claims its rungthip thai.

Was likely to give it a 30 moment demo but upon entry was greeted by a beautiful thai lady so resolved to go an hour.

Tiny shop with partitions not to the ceiling, and alot of chatter concerning the MLs was a little bit off putting and was commencing consider this is likely to be shit.

Anywho the restricted thai lady comes in asks gentle medium or tricky, i went medium but it was a bit extra elbow than what i like.

About 20 or so minutes in the TT commenced and it was extremely good. She flips me about and asks what id like, but responds to my ask for expressing i needed to carry anything else, so i settle for option 2 at 70 because she experienced a beatufil entire body on her and i savored participating in with it.

The flip was a minimal to early, as i detest lying there right after ive blown i just want to bounce but dont want to experience rude haha. But she ongoing the massage in fantastic outdated thai vogue by cracking my entire body, going for walks on my again and folding me like pretzel. She definetely knew what sje was doing.

Therapeutic massage 8/10
Flip 7/10

WIR? Hmm small head will almost certainly talk me into it all over again but i actually disliked how compact and noisy the place was.&#13

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