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That means Escort Agencies are unlawful in QLD under the regulations pertaining to prostitution.

Only lawful kinds presently in QLD are Licenced Brothel or Sole Operator.

Therapeutic massage Parlors that present sexual products and services, Escort businesses, two workers functioning with each other etcetera are illegal underneath QLD Rules.

it is illegal only if they advertise.

that is why they often explain to you that they give extras. they are not meant to convey to you what the extras are they need to hold out for you to advise. if you recommend, u run afoul of the law, but they possibly will not report you. if they tell you Particularly what they give, then they operate afould of the law, but you in all probability will not report them cos if you do, the cops take your title and particulars and you almost certainly really don’t want that.

illegal or not ? who is to say ? i after heard anyone say ‘it is unlawful only if you get caught’&#13

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