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There are few people who have not experienced the pleasure of a sensuous, erotic massage at least once. Many choose to get one done on special occasions or for relaxation but there is another group that seeks out an exotic erotic massage service more often than they would like to admit!

The purpose of this article will be to explore what it means to receive such a beautiful form of therapy, why you should do so and how your experience can enhance both your enjoyment as well as help relieve certain health issues. There may also be some hints about where to find these services in erotic massage pyrmont area if you live near the city.

What does “Sensual” mean? What is meant by the term “Exotic”? These terms are used because different masseuses use their own words when describing what they offer. The meaning of each word however has been explained below.

  • Sensual (a) = A gentle touch with slow movements, soft skin contact, pleasant sounds, smells and tastes. It involves giving attention to every part of the body including sensitive areas like ears, neck, face and hands, feet etc. This type of massage technique concentrates mainly on the pressure points known to stimulate specific parts of the brain and nervous system which provide the sensation of being aroused through stimulation. A good example of this style of massager is a professional hair dresser called “the Sensational Man”. He offers a unique combination of deep tissue work combined with lighter strokes over muscles and joints. His clients describe his approach as incredibly relaxing yet stimulating without feeling overwhelmed. The key is learning to listen to your inner voice while receiving treatment. If you feel uncomfortable then ask him/her to stop until you calm down. Remember, most masseurs only want to please their clientele and will respect your needs.
  • Exotic (b) = An alluringly sexy, seductive and arousing kind of massage. It includes techniques such as acupressure, shiatsu, reflexology, Reiki, yoga, meditation and aromatherapy. All forms of Eastern medicine involve using various finger tips, elbows, knees, toes, palms and other limbs to apply pressure to certain energy centers around the body. Some therapists also incorporate the use of oils and lotions into treatments. Clients report after having received exotica massages that they were relaxed, rejuvenated and had increased circulation throughout their bodies.

So now we know what exactly an erotic massage entails but what makes it even better is knowing where to seek them out! As mentioned earlier there are many erotic masseuse companies offering private sessions from home or hotel rooms across Sydney. However, there are actually two types of massaging professionals within the industry. One provides a soothing and calming atmosphere while the other is very energetic and invigorating. Which one best suits your personality? Here is a brief overview of the differences between them.

A Professional Massage Company usually consists of several female employees, usually 2-4 who wear uniforms to create a uniformed appearance. They normally take appointments via phone or online booking systems which allows customers to book directly with them rather than going through individual masseuses. Their goal is to make money through advertising revenue instead of charging per person unlike smaller boutique businesses. Most larger company owners tend to follow strict guidelines regarding hygiene and safety standards to protect themselves and their clients. For those interested in working under the supervision of a large company owner, here are some helpful pointers:

1.) Make sure you read reviews before signing up for any service. Ask questions about previous experiences and whether or not someone was happy afterwards. Also inquire about any complaints filed against the establishment.
2.) Never pay upfront unless you’ve already made plans to go ahead with the session. Always negotiate payment beforehand.
3.) Do not allow anyone inside your space during your massage except yourself.
4.) You can opt for an extra fee to cover additional time spent chatting with your therapist.
5.) Find out if the spa uses disinfectant sprays on towels prior to servicing each customer.
6.) Inquire about food allergies since some locations don’t serve anything containing peanuts or shellfish due to potential contamination concerns.
7.) Check to see if the location is licensed by relevant authorities such as NSW Health.
8.) Get familiar with local laws pertaining to nudity and sexual activity. Although nude activities are legal in NSW, sex acts performed behind closed doors are considered illegal.
9.) Know your limits. Only engage in activities that you’re comfortable with. Otherwise, it’s just plain unsafe.
10.) Make sure everyone involved is completely sober. Alcohol and drugs impair judgment and inhibit consent making it impossible to give informed permission.
If you prefer privacy and personal interaction with a single masseuse, check out small boutiques located in shopping malls, hotels and spas across Sydney. Boutique masseuses generally charge higher prices, sometimes double the price, plus tip but still strive to deliver quality service. Customers enjoy getting to meet the masseuse personally and talking openly about their preferences leading to deeper connections and meaningful relationships. Small business owners operate strictly according to ethics and standards set forth by governing agencies such as Fair Trading New South Wales. Unlike a professional masseuse, these women are typically independent contractors who decide on everything from choosing products to setting rates. Below are some useful suggestions for finding a great masseuse near you:
1.) Go straight to Google Maps and search for nearby shops.
2.) Visit websites like Yelp or HotelsCombined to find listings for local masseuses.
3.) Look for reviews written by current patrons.
4.) Search for blogs dedicated to reviewing massage parlours.

Here are some things to consider when deciding upon your next appointment. Whether you select a professional masseuse or a boutique owner, try to remember that no matter what method you choose to relax, rejuvenate and renew your spirit, always keep in mind that nothing compares to the real thing. Nothing could ever compare to experiencing the sensations of arousal brought about by genuine physical intimacy. So take advantage of a chance encounter with a gorgeous woman who knows her way around a bed and indulge in one of life’s greatest pleasures.

Best Erotic Massage in Pyrmont | Sydney CBD
Relax & Renew Yourself With Erotic Services At Home
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Best Erotic Massage in Sydney – Sensual and Therapeutic
Our aim is to provide you with the ultimate relaxation experience in a tranquil and safe environment. When selecting a masseuse, ensure that she has adequate training and expertise in performing therapeutic massage techniques. Experience counts, as does education. Choose a masseuse whose background matches yours. And lastly, look for a masseuse with whom you resonate emotionally and spiritually.

This is truly the number 1 reason why you need to book an appointment sooner rather than later. Once you begin to connect with your masseuse, you’ll notice the difference immediately. She might start off by rubbing your shoulders, arms or back but eventually move onto touching your head, neck, face, chest and stomach area. Before long, you’ll forget that you’re receiving a traditional massage. By focusing on the emotional aspect of connection, you’ll soon realize that this is far superior to merely relieving pain.

You won’t believe how quickly you become addicted to the feelings associated with a full body massage. Afterward, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without one. Not only will you notice changes occurring within your overall wellbeing but also in your moods. Even though you may want to continue to sleep, chances are you’ll wake up excited and ready to take on the day. And the best part is that you never really leave the room!
To learn more about our philosophy and commitment to excellence. Call anytime for immediate assistance.

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