Erotic Massage Parramatta – The Best Relaxation & Therapy You’ll Ever Experience!

If you’re looking to relax and unwind after a long day, or maybe even get in touch with your inner sensual side there are few better ways than visiting an erotic masseuse.  A good massage can release endorphins which make us feel relaxed and happy. It’s also been found that the mere act of being touched by another person causes our bodies to produce oxytocin (the “love hormone”) which is said to increase feelings of affection between lovers as well as promote trust. So if you’ve recently broken up with someone who was unkind during your relationship it might be worth trying out some intimacy on them!

  • The Best Relaxing Erotic Massage Parramatta – Asian Massage

So what exactly does one expect from an erotic masseuse? Well firstly they’ll want to know how much time you have available before their appointment so they can plan accordingly. If you’re unable to visit midweek then ask about their weekend availability. They should be able to give you an idea of whether this will work best for you based on current demand. Also check that they take all major credit cards since many places only accept cash payments these days. You may also need to pay extra for any extras such as oil etc although often prices advertised include everything required. Some people prefer not to use oils while others find they enhance certain areas more than others depending on body chemistry.

It’s important to note that most reputable erotica therapists won’t employ anyone under 18 years old. There are several reasons why including legal obligations but mainly because younger clients tend to lack experience and therefore must learn through trial and error (which doesn’t always go smoothly). In addition, when young clients age into adulthood they usually require different techniques due to changes in muscle structure. This means that once again older clients don’t necessarily fit easily into the same category as those below 18 years old. Many therapists avoid going down this road altogether unless they provide sexual services themselves.

The next thing to consider is location. Remember that we spend approximately 90% of our waking hours within 10 metres of where we live. Therefore choosing somewhere close to home makes perfect sense. A quick Google search can help here too. Make sure you read reviews online (e.g. Trip Advisor) or speak directly to other local residents to see what past customers thought of the therapist/masseur/spa itself.

Finally do remember that no two bodies are alike so everyone needs something slightly different. For example, I’m 5’10” tall yet my shoulders aren’t particularly broad nor am I very heavy set. As such I wouldn’t recommend using a large size table like a 6ft x 3ft double bed would. I’d suggest opting instead for something smaller. Also keep in mind that larger men generally benefit more from longer sessions whereas women enjoy shorter ones. Most importantly though try not to worry too much over price. Prices vary widely across Australia and overseas. Just keep in mind that quality service is paramount and you shouldn’t settle for anything less.

Here’s just a selection of some great places around Sydney offering excellent value massages. All listed locations offer full body treatments only.

Relax & Renew at Darling Quarter Hotel located near Central Station, Darling Harbour & Pyrmont Bridge in Sydney CBD. Their professional staffs are highly trained professionals providing relaxing spa treatment such as aromatherapy massage, reflexology foot massage, hot stone therapy, Indian head massage, Thai yoga massage and facial treatments. Relax & Renew offers special packages for corporate events, birthday party, honeymoon, wedding anniversary, Christmas gift giving and last minute surprise.

Sydney Day Spa located in Penrith Road near City West International Airport. Offering luxurious private rooms, steam room, sauna, jacuzzi poolside services, manicures and pedicure, hair styling, tanning beds, beauty therapies, therapeutic massage, facials and wellness programs. Located inside the shopping centre adjacent to McDonald’s Restaurant.

Located in Paddington Reservoir Rd., Edgecliff QLD 4010. Established in 2002, this 2 storey restaurant has become popular among locals for its affordable menu, friendly atmosphere and amazing view of the harbour bridge. Having undergone extensive renovations in 2010, the place now features modern furniture, stylish décor and new equipment. With both indoor and outdoor facilities, the venue provides various options for couples wishing to celebrate anniversaries, birthdays, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and New Year’s Eve. Couples can choose to either sit indoors overlooking the beautiful scenery outside, or outdoors enjoying the warm sunrays and breeze blowing across the water. After dinner, guests can treat themselves to a variety of activities ranging from wine tasting to sky diving. Price starts from $35 per couple.

Tahiti Nui Spas located at 11 Beach Street, Manuka TOWNSVILLE NSW 2037. Tahiti Nui Spas is situated right on the waterfront opposite Manuka wharf and is conveniently open seven days a week. The salon boasts a range of state of the art technology, high pressure jet showers, hydrotheraputic baths, saunas, dry heat cabin, infrared ray booths, relaxation lounges, Jacuzzis and soothing waterfall fountains. Services offered include Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, sports massage, shiatsu massage, pregnancy massage, reflexology, aroma therapy and medical acupuncture. Bookings recommended.

Luxury Skin Care Centre located near Wynyard Train station, Macquarie Shopping complex and Macquarie University. Since opening in 2003, Luxury Skin care Centres have established themselves as leaders in skin health products, skincare education and customer satisfaction. Using only certified organic ingredients, natural plant extracts, essential oils, herbs and botanicals, Luxury Skincare treats each client individually, tailoring individualized programmes to meet their specific requirements. All employees receive training and certification in advanced skincare procedures, ensuring exceptional standards of excellence. Each practitioner receives specialized instruction in product formulation and application designed specifically to address individual concerns and conditions. Special attention is given to special requests, making every session unique and tailored to suit your personal preferences. Treat yourself to a truly pampered experience at Luxury

Pleasant Hill Health Club & Leisure Facilities located in Pleasant Hill Reserve, Wahroonga NSW 2067. Pleasant Hill Health club and leisure facility is situated on top of the hill in pleasant hills reserve and is surrounded by green grasslands and bushland. Pleasant Hills Health Club & Leisure Facility comprises of a swimming pool, fitness studio, gymnasium and tennis courts. Popular classes includes aerobics, spinning, pilates, ballet barres, zumba, kickboxing, badminton, basketball, squash, tai chi, kids yoga, cycling, yoga, hiking, aquarobic, strength trainnig, cardio circuit, trampoline, dance and group exercise.

  • $39 for 1hour Full Body Massage at Massage Parramatta

My name is Yolanda and I run a small business called ‘Massage Parramatta’. My mission is to deliver a memorable massage experience for myself and my clients. Due to increasing demands on my schedule I simply cannot accommodate regular visits anymore. However please stay tuned for future updates regarding dates and times for potential bookings.

I operate out of a small office space on the second floor of a house in North Parramatta. Once you contact me I will send you details of the booking and payment process along with information about relevant insurance coverage.

As soon as I receive your enquiry I will personally followup with you to confirm the date and time of your appointment. Please bring ID proof, preferably Passport & Visa. Any additional items requested prior to arriving such as towels, blankets, slippers etc can sometimes be arranged however it depends upon availability. I hope to serve you soon. Thanks.

Please leave feedback regarding your experience with me. Your honest review helps other potential visitors decide whether they wish to book with me. Feel free to post photos of yourselves following your session. I look forward to meeting you.


Step away from the desk job…it’s time to indulge in total blissful serenity. Discover the ultimate escape with this exotic oriental massage experience in Sydney. Our expert therapists will perform a thorough assessment and analysis of your posture, muscles and energy levels to determine the appropriate course of action. Indulge in a 50min back and neck relief massage followed by a 30min shoulder and arm massage. Enjoy a rejuvenating scalp rub, or add an exfoliating scrub to complete your indulgent package. Be transported to a tropical paradise with a traditional Japanese style massage accompanied by exquisite soft music. We guarantee you’ll return feeling refreshed, renewed and revitalised!

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