Erotic Massage Gold Coast – What you need to know before you Visit

If you are looking for some fun, or just want something new to try out then why not consider receiving an erotic massage from one of our beautiful therapists! There are many different styles that we offer such as couples massages, sensual oil treatments, tantric full body rubs, deep tissue work, sports and fitness massages, aromatherapy, hot stone therapy…the list goes on. Whatever type you choose it will be sure to leave you feeling refreshed, relaxed and satisfied.

So what exactly does erotic massage gold coast entail? Well firstly let’s talk about how this form of treatment works. It has become very popular over recent years because it combines both physical and mental stimulation which can help improve mood and relieve stress. This is especially true when combined with relaxation techniques including meditation and breathing exercises. When done correctly it helps release endorphins into your system thus improving circulation and muscle tone. By doing this, muscles are more flexible and pain free while also allowing the nervous system to relax and calm down. This makes us feel much happier and calmer inside and out and ultimately leads to overall satisfaction and well being. As mentioned earlier there are numerous types of massage offered by providers within the industry but often times they do not cater specifically to your needs. So I would recommend checking out all of ours (they vary slightly) and see which ones fit your lifestyle and preferences. If you require specific services please contact us directly during business hours so we may assist you accordingly.

The next step is finding someone who provides the service you desire. First off find out where they train. Do their credentials match up to those listed on their website? Are they insured? How long did they take training? Is the therapist certified? Most importantly ask them questions regarding their philosophy and approach towards providing you with an excellent session. You should always make sure that the person giving you an appointment understands your personal requirements and asks open ended questions to ensure that the session meets your expectations. Once you’ve found someone who matches your criteria book in advance using online booking systems to avoid disappointment and save time.

Lastly once you arrive check in and receive instructions on everything required prior to commencing your session. Some things to keep in mind include: wear loose fitting clothing, bring along any medications, medical conditions or allergies, bring water bottles, remove jewelry and cell phones, no smoking allowed, use sunscreen lotion, shower immediately after the session, drink lots of fluids throughout the day, etc.. Also don’t forget to tip generously at the end of your session. Remember tipping is expected regardless of whether you liked your provider or not! After all most clients appreciate exceptional customer service. And remember a happy therapist means better sessions to come! Lastly enjoy your stay and look forward to returning soon.

So now you understand what you will experience when visiting an adult-themed spa however there are several other benefits to choosing an erotic provider over traditional spas. Below are a few reasons why you might prefer working with one of our gorgeous ladies.

We encourage sexual exploration through conversation instead of focusing strictly on technique or pressure points.

Our focus is based entirely on pleasure rather than money.

Customers love talking about their experiences later on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter & Google+.

You’ll never hear another complaint again about how boring your last massage was.

Most importantly we guarantee a 100% safe and pleasant experience.

As previously stated above these are only a handful of the many perks associated with working with an erotic masseuse. However, sex aside the main goal of every client seeking care is to achieve total relaxation and satisfaction so be sure to find a professional who takes pride in her craft and ensures safety is paramount. Now go ahead and start planning your next visit erotic massage gold coast!

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