Do you want to know what a dragon service is?

What exactly is a “Dragon Service?” It’s not something I ever thought would be for me or my husband but when we heard about it from an online dating site, how could we say no? We were both very curious at first but then we started getting emails asking if we wanted to have our own private dragon sex session with other couples.

We had many questions like do they use any kind of toys etc… And more importantly are there any rules or guidelines that need to be followed? There was so much information on their website to read through and try out! We decided to take our time and really think over whether or not we should give it a shot. The main reason being, we’re both married (to wonderful people) and don’t feel comfortable trying new things without consulting them first. Also, since I’m a Virgo, everything has to be just right before anything even gets going – which doesn’t help anyone who likes things fast paced. So after talking with several different members, we finally made up our minds to give it a whirl.

So now here we sit 3 months later and guess what? Well actually, nothing happened because the whole thing got canceled due to lack of interest. But what does that mean to us personally? Nothing. Did it hurt our feelings? No way! Does it make us look stupid? Absolutely NOT! In fact, it may seem silly to most people but having your own personal live-in maid/butler will allow you to totally relax and unwind whenever you please. If you’ve been thinking of starting your own business but aren’t sure where to begin, maybe you should consider hiring someone else to handle certain aspects while you focus on others. Maybe you haven’t tried online dating yet, why not get rid of those awkward situations by doing it from home instead? With today’s technology, you can meet people virtually anywhere around the world. This saves money on travel expenses and gives you the ability to screen potential partners thoroughly prior to meeting them face to face. They also provide guidance to assist you with setting boundaries and making informed decisions regarding safety issues.

There are plenty of services available ranging from housekeeping, massage therapy, hair styling, cooking, shopping assistance, driving, cleaning, gardening, pet care and many more. People are willing to work for less than minimum wage and often times these jobs offer benefits such as health insurance, 401K contributions, paid vacation days, sick pay, reimbursement for training costs etc.. A lot of people find that working remotely allows them to spend more quality time with family & friends and provides flexibility for traveling. Some companies even hire employees fulltime although the hours tend to vary depending on the company. One word of caution though, never let yourself fall victim to scams. Make sure you check references and see samples of previous work and ask lots of questions until satisfied.

Now back to the original topic of Dragon Services, what exactly is a dragon service anyway? Well basically, it involves two people who decide together to employ one particular person to come into their home and fulfill special requests or fantasies. Sometimes, the employer might even bring another friend along for fun. Most people who sign up on sites like O*net prefer to keep anonymity between themselves and the employee(s). These sessions usually last from 1 hour to 4 hours once per week for 2 weeks straight. However, sometimes employers may choose to schedule shorter intervals of only an hour or two during the same day. Although the typical length of each session varies greatly, most of them run somewhere between $150-$500 per month. Another great feature of this type of job is that the cost typically includes food & drinks plus tips. Depending on the amount of activity involved, the price can range from $30-$100 per hour rate. Many employers may request a deposit upfront and payment upon completion.
Some examples of possible duties include massages, foot rubs, sensual dances, strip tease shows, oral pleasure, hand stimulation, masturbation instruction, role play scenarios, striptease instructions, bondage, spanking, dirty talk, lesbian sex sessions, anal fingering, deep penetration, threesomes, foursomes, group orgies etc….

The possibilities are endless and the sky truly IS the limit! Now if you’re wondering how this works in real life, well imagine walking down the street minding your own business when suddenly BAM!! Who walks up beside you and whispers in your ear, giving you a wink and smiling seductively says “Hello”. Then he continues to walk away while looking back at you longingly. That’s sort of what happens in reality except the scene changes every single time based on everyone’s preferences. The trick is finding someone who knows what you want and is flexible enough to accommodate whatever lifestyle needs you may have.

Now that you know what a dragon service is and what it entails, hopefully you’ll start thinking outside the box and explore new options! Find someone who understands your desires and wants to learn more about you too. Your imagination is the ultimate key factor in determining what you desire. Think about it, wouldn’t you love to wake up next to someone beautiful everyday and know that’s exactly what you did? Wouldn’t you enjoy waking up next to someone who makes you laugh throughout the entire morning and shares intimate secrets with you? What about drinking champagne with your significant other while watching TV and discussing past memories together? Or perhaps enjoying dinner on a yacht while gazing at the ocean waves lapping against the shoreline? How about having a hot tub party filled with naked bodies rubbing suntan oil onto each other? Take the time to write down ideas you’d like to experience with your partner. Once you’ve done that, post it somewhere you can easily access it. When you receive messages from prospective candidates, open up lines of communication and discuss what you’re interested in. Be honest about what you want and expect.

If you still aren’t quite ready to jump headfirst into the dragon service market, there are always steps to take before taking action. First off, set realistic goals and expectations including financial. Next, determine what level of comfort you currently possess with regards to nudity and intimacy. For example, do you already engage in cuddling, kissing, hugging, mutual masturbation, solo masturbation, oral sex, intercourse etc…? Are you OK with sharing bodily fluids? Do you practice safe sex? Can you remain calm under pressure and deal with unexpected occurrences? Consider establishing rules and boundaries beforehand so that neither of you feels pressured nor uncomfortable. Remember that it takes time to build trust and develop strong relationships. Don’t rush things and remember that true happiness comes from within. Stay focused on your dreams and desires rather than worrying about what others think. Follow your heart and intuition and eventually good luck will follow!

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