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Are you looking forward to some relaxation therapy that will help improve your sex life or maybe even relieve back problems? If so then this article may be of interest to you because it details what can only be described as one of London’s most popular treatments. This type of therapy has been around since the early 1980s when therapists began offering their services at various locations throughout the UK.

What Is Croydon Erotic Massage?
If you’re like many people who suffer from tiredness, low energy levels or are suffering with chronic health concerns such as arthritis, fibromyalgia and migraine headaches then perhaps the idea of experiencing something called “Erotic Massage” could hold great appeal. In fact if you’ve ever felt stressed out by these types of conditions then you’ll know how much better you feel after an hour on a sofa enjoying a good book and cup of tea! The reason why Croydon Erotic Massage offers such positive results is due to its ability to provide both physical and mental stimulation which helps release endorphins into the body. As we all know endorphins are chemicals produced naturally within our bodies and they have a similar effect to morphine. So although you won’t actually become addicted to them like other drugs you do need enough time to allow them to enter your bloodstream properly otherwise there would be no point in doing it… right?!

But what exactly does this mean in terms of receiving the benefits of an Erotic Massage? Well let me put it this way, it means having fun while lying comfortably on a plush sofa listening to soothing music and sipping hot drinks!! Now don’t get me wrong here, as mentioned above it isn’t just about sexual pleasures (although this happens), rather it’s more about feeling relaxed and pampered in a friendly environment where you can talk openly without worrying about any awkward questions.

So now you’ve got the general idea of what an Erotic Massage session involves you might want to find out more about the different techniques used during sessions. Let’s take a look at three main categories:-
1) Relaxation Techniques- These techniques include things likes breathing exercises, meditation and progressive muscle relaxation whereby muscles are tensed and released gradually over several minutes until eventually tension disappears completely. They tend to involve slow movements using hands, feet, elbows, arms and legs. Many therapists use visualisation methods such as guided imagery, hypnosis and visualization techniques whilst others prefer to leave clients free to create their own images through meditation etc. However whatever technique you choose always make sure you enjoy yourself as this is half the battle!
2) Reflexology/Zone Therapies- These therapies deal with acupressure points located along pressure zones known as reflex areas which correspond to organs and parts of the body. By applying gentle finger tips onto specific reflex areas certain muscles, joints and tissues are stimulated causing increased blood flow and circulation as well as helping to restore normal functions to damaged tissue. Most professionals follow either a single zone system or multiple zone approach depending upon client needs. For example someone wanting to lose weight may require four zones whereas those wanting to gain flexibility may benefit from six zones.
3) Lomi Lomi Massage- Also referred to as Traditional Hawaiian Healing Touch, this method uses long sweeping strokes accompanied by chanting and gong sounds. Although it originated in Hawaii the therapist usually sits upright allowing his or her head to hang freely. Client should lie down on a bed or mat with their face turned towards the ceiling and their shoulders slightly raised. The masseur slowly sweeps across the skin from left to right making small circular motions before repeating the process again. Each sweep lasts between 30 seconds and 2 minutes and this action is repeated 5 times per stroke. After each sweep the masseuse repeats the same chant and moves the fingers up and down rapidly.

What Can I Expect From A Croydon Erotic Massage Therapy Session?
Having read the previous paragraph you should already have a pretty clear picture of what to expect from a typical session but nevertheless below is a brief description of what to expect from a professional massage therapist:-
· Your therapist will greet you warmly and ask you to complete a short form detailing your medical history.
· He or she will check that you aren’t allergic to anything including products containing fragrances, dyes, alcohol, latex rubber, perfume oils and vegetable oil derivatives.
· During the consultation he or she will listen carefully to your symptoms and explain the reasons behind these particular ailments. He or she will tailor your treatment accordingly.
· Finally once you’ve had a chance to discuss your requirements your therapist will give you his best advice and recommendations regarding suitable treatments.

How Much Does Croydon Erotic Massage Cost?
The cost of a Croydon Erotic Massage varies greatly depending upon location, length of service required, number of visits etc. Prices start at £30 for a 90 minute full body treatment or£25 for a 60 minute treatment however prices are generally higher than this average figure. Some companies offer special deals and discounts on regular customers so please contact them directly to see if you qualify.

Is There Anything Else That You Need To Know About Croydon Erotic Massages?
Yes, unfortunately there is! When booking your appointment ensure that you request a private room with comfortable seating options available. Please note that you shouldn’t eat immediately prior to visiting a therapist unless specifically requested to do so. Make sure you arrive 10-15 minutes earlier than your scheduled time to fill out paperwork and wait for your therapist to finish his or her current patient. Once finished go ahead and sit back and relax!

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