Club Hallam: The Ultimate Guide

The name “Club Hallam” is synonymous with the unique and exclusive adult entertainment industry in Australia. Located on a quiet corner of Hallam Road and Plenty Lane (off Plenty Highway) in Sydney’s inner west suburb of West Pym Street, Club Hallam has been operating as an adult brothel since its establishment in 1971 by notorious madame Belinda Cilento.

It was during this period that the first female escorts were introduced to the public under the guise of “independent entertainers”. In fact, it was at the behest of the Australian government that they began training their girls in the art of prostitution. Today, you can find many stunning ladies working for the club who have all undergone extensive training in the business.

But what exactly does it take to work for Club Hallam? Is it possible to become one of their girls? Read on to learn about everything you need to know about working for the legendary Club Hallam…

Club Hallam – Hallam Brothel – Girls, Prices, & More
Club Hallam is a very popular destination for singles looking for fun or couples searching for romance. If you’re travelling solo, there are plenty of single rooms available and if you prefer something more intimate, you’ll be happy to hear that Club Hallam also offers private lap dances, champagne room massages, showers and even a VIP suite for two people.

What makes Club Hallam so special though is not just the quality of their services but also the attention given to each guest from the moment they step through the door. For example, your arrival will be greeted with a bottle of bubbly while you relax in front of the TV with some nibbles and drinks until your escort arrives. You’ll also receive a welcome letter outlining your duties for the evening, including tipping etiquette guidelines and instructions on how to behave around other guests.

If you want to make sure your experience with Club Hallam is memorable, here are some tips on making the most out of your visit…

  1. Dress appropriately
    Although it is unlikely anyone will judge you for wearing a t-shirt and shorts, it would certainly disappoint your hostess if you showed up in trackies and board shorts. As such, it’s best to dress smartly when visiting Club Hallam. Although it may seem obvious, it’s worth mentioning that jeans are always acceptable if you feel comfortable with doing so.
  2. Be respectful
    As mentioned earlier, you should tip your receptionist after receiving a drink and before leaving. Also remember to tip your escort once she begins her service. Do not leave any money on the table unless asked otherwise, as this is considered unprofessional.
  3. Respect others’ space
    When entering the premises, do not linger near the bar area. It’s polite to wait until someone approaches you before sitting down at the bar. Keep conversations brief and don’t get too personal. Remember that you are at work and you shouldn’t feel obligated to socialize.
  4. Show respect
    Be mindful of noise levels. This isn’t necessarily a hard and fast rule, but it is important to consider other patrons’ comfort. Try to keep conversation light and professional. Don’t go overboard with loud music or jokes. Finally, try to avoid swearing because it could affect your chances of getting booked again.
  5. Leave yourself time
    This goes without saying, but it’s easy to forget when faced with excitement. Take the time to enjoy yourself and really focus on the activities you’ve paid good money for.
  6. Ask questions
    You might think these aren’t necessary but it actually shows your interest in your partner and helps build trust. Your escort might not answer every question you ask, but she will appreciate the effort.
  7. Communicate effectively
    Communication is extremely important between you and your escort. Make sure you understand what’s going on and speak clearly. When communicating verbally, use the appropriate volume and tone.
  8. Use body language
    Your body language speaks volumes. While standing upright with shoulders back, look directly into your partners eyes. Never cross your arms or fidgeting. Lastly, smile often. A genuine smile is infectious!
  9. Pay promptly
    Pay your bill in full. There’s nothing worse than arriving home with a large debt hanging over your head.
  10. Follow your gut instinct
    If you feel uncomfortable with anything, say no immediately. However, if you do decide to leave, inform your hostess immediately.
  11. Enjoy responsibly
    Have fun but stay safe. Drink sensibly and never mix alcohol with medications. Always practice proper condom usage. And, of course, never share needles.
  12. Have fun safely
    For information on how to have fun safely in nightclubs, check out our guide on How To Stay Safe in Nightclubs.
  13. Get a Club Hallam card
    A Club Hallam card gives you access to a range of benefits including free Champagne, complimentary bottles of wine, discounted rates and early booking privileges. These cards come in four categories – Gold Card Members, Silver Card Members, Standard Member Cards and Guest Membership Cards.
  14. Book ahead
    Bookings are recommended 72 hours in advance for weekends.
  15. Relax
    Remember you’re at work and treat it like one. If you arrive stressed and tired, it won’t help your performance.
  16. Learn about the region
    Club Hallam operates across three states – New South Wales, Queensland and Victoria. Each state has different laws regarding minimum age requirements and consent procedures. Check out the website below for further details.
  17. Arrive sober
    Always show up intoxicated for a job interview.
  18. Find out about local transport options
    There are several bus stops nearby which run regular routes to and from the city. Call 13 22 66 for timetable information.
  19. Get ready mentally
    Prepare yourself mentally for the task at hand. Know your role and commit to it fully.
  20. Go in confident
    Confidence is key. You’ll only give off positive vibes if you believe in yourself.
  21. Bring cash
    Most clients pay cash upon entry. Credit cards are sometimes accepted in certain areas of the venue, but this depends on location and availability.
  22. Practice using the bathroom
    Take time to familiarise yourself with the bathroom layout. Ensure you know where the toilet paper dispenser is located.
  23. Tip well
    Tip your receptionist generously. Tipping your escort is optional but appreciated.
  24. Consider tipping
    Tipping goes beyond a normal gratuity. Some hosts recommend tipping above and beyond expectations. Refer to individual agreements for specific recommendations.
  25. Know your limits
    Know what you can handle emotionally and physically.
  26. Protect yourself financially
    Make sure your credit card company knows where you are and what you’re doing.
  27. Avoid potential problems
    Try not to book an escort with a previous client or friend. Many venues refuse to accept this form of payment.
  28. Be honest
    Never lie about your identity or occupation.
  29. Respect boundaries
    Set clear boundaries of physical contact.
  30. Trust your instincts
    Trust your gut feeling. If you feel uncomfortable, stand up and walk away.
  31. Tell your boss
    If you’re concerned about sharing sensitive information, tell your employer. They’ll be able to advise you better on the situation.
  32. Follow basic safety measures
    Lock your doors, turn off your phone and remove distractions.
  33. Exercise caution
    Practice common sense safety precautions.
  34. Stay informed
    Learn about the latest health changes, especially if you’re planning travel abroad.
  35. Be aware of scams
    Avoid falling victim to a scam.
  36. Be patient
    Waiting patiently is often easier said than done. But do your best to remain calm and collected.
  37. Be flexible
    Allow yourselves enough time to finish your appointment. Sometimes things happen unexpectedly.
  38. Enjoy your time together
    Enjoy your time spent together. After all, you’re paying good money for this.
  39. Treat your clients respectfully
    Show them the same courtesy you’d expect in return.
  40. Set goals
    Set realistic goals for your time together.
  41. Look after your belongings
    Follow security protocols closely.
  42. Prepare for departure
    Pack your bags and ensure your paperwork is complete. Return tickets or rental receipts must be shown.
  43. Move quickly
    Leave quickly without lingering.
  44. Enjoy your trip
    Relax and enjoy your time together.
  45. Talk about it later
    Talk about your experiences with your loved ones.
  46. Give feedback
    Share feedback with your partner afterwards.
  47. Plan the next date
    Planning the next date can be difficult without knowing the outcome. Share your thoughts with your partner afterwards.
  48. Enjoy life
    Life is short. So live it to the fullest.

So there you have it. Now you know everything there is to know about Club Hallam. Hopefully, you enjoyed learning about this famous establishment.
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