Club 859 Melbourne Brothel – Hot, Sensual and Relaxing

If you’re looking for sensuality and romance in the heart of Australia’s biggest city then look no further than Melbourne. The City Of Romance has a reputation as one of the most beautiful cities in the world to visit with its picturesque waterways, lush green parks and stunning beaches. And now it also boasts an exclusive brothel that caters to men who want their time in Victoria’s capital to be filled with passion, desire and pleasure…

Located on St Kilda Road at number 859 Melbourne Brothel – known simply as ‘Clube’ by locals – offers upmarket escorts, luxury accommodation and all manner of adult entertainment including massage therapy, tantric yoga classes, decadent dining experiences and more. If you’ve ever dreamt about what life would be like if you were a high-class call girl but never thought your fantasies could actually come true then look no further!

This article will explore everything there is to know about Club 859, from how they became established in Melbourne, where else they operate across Australia and even some interesting insider information into their unique lifestyle business model. So read on below for details…

Club 859 – Melbourne Brothel
Established in 2008, Melbourne Brothel was created by David Oakes and Simon Hickey after years spent working behind the scenes in various areas of sex work. From being strippers and pole dancers themselves, David and Simon knew exactly what clients wanted when they visited strip clubs and saunas around town. They soon realised that these customers weren’t interested in seeing girls dancing on poles or having lap dances, instead they craved something much deeper and far more intimate. This led them to open Melbourne Brothel.

The club opened officially in May 2009 and since then has been providing elite gentleman visitors with access to fine dining, luxurious accommodations and professional service providers such as masseuses, private chefs and exotic entertainers. It’s not uncommon to find celebrities visiting Melbourne Brothel either, so don’t think that because you can’t see them here you’ll miss out on meeting famous people. Some of Australia’s most well known personalities have been spotted here over the last few years including sports stars, politicians and actors.

Club 859 – Caulfield Brothel – Girls, Prices, & More
As mentioned above, Melbourne Brothel currently operates three separate locations throughout the city. These are located in inner suburbs of South Yarra, Carlton and Box Hill. Each location features different types of ladies available for booking depending upon which area you choose to go to. All ladies are chosen specifically for their beauty, personality and skills so make sure you book someone who fits your exact requirements. There is no point choosing a gorgeous blonde lady only to realise she doesn’t speak English very well and won’t do anything naughty for you!

Aside from the standard services offered at each location, there are two other special services that can be booked through the website. Firstly, the Tantric Massage experience allows gentlemen to enjoy massages using oils, lotions and incense while lying back in bed. Secondly, VIP visits allow gentlemen to spend longer periods together with their companion before deciding whether they’d like to take things any further. In addition to enjoying premium treatment techniques, VIPs get use of the hotel rooms and suites for extended stays.

How popular is Melbourne Brothel – Club 859?
With three venues operating in Melbourne and another opening soon in Sydney, Club 859 has become quite a big hit amongst local residents and tourists alike. But how did they manage to establish such a successful operation without anyone realising it existed? Well, it helps that David and Simon have built strong relationships with their staff and keep strict security protocols at all times. For example, regular clientele receive invitations via email and phone calls inviting them to events and parties hosted exclusively by Club 859. Guests aren’t allowed inside the premises unless accompanied by a member of management, meaning that even those closest to the establishment still haven’t got wind of what goes on within its walls.

In fact, many women who work at the venue often feel uncomfortable talking openly about what happens during their shifts due to the stigma attached to prostitution. However, since it’s legal for adults to enter Club 859 and partake in sexual activity with a partner, it seems unlikely that police will start busting down doors anytime soon. As long as guests behave responsibly and abide by the rules set forth by the establishment, nobody should raise too many eyebrows.

For those curious enough to venture beyond the velvet ropes and try out Club 859 themselves, there are plenty of ways to save money whilst indulging in a little bit of fun. Bookings can usually be made quickly online via the secure checkout system provided by PayPal. Alternatively, you might consider calling ahead directly to talk to one of the managers on duty. You can also check prices on the official web site, although remember this may differ slightly depending upon where you live.

Whatever way you decide to book though, rest assured that once you arrive at Club 859 you’ll be treated like royalty. After checking in, you’ll be given complimentary champagne and chocolates along with a welcome note signed personally by David and Simon. Then you’ll be taken straight off to the restaurant where you can enjoy delicious meals prepared by celebrity chef Peter Evans. Finally, you’ll retire to your room where you’ll be pampered with a luxurious spa bath complete with candles, aromatherapy oil and relaxing music.
So next time you fancy escaping to somewhere warm and sexy for the weekend, why not head to Melbourne and give Club 859 a whirl yourself?!

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