Canberra’s Best Strip Clubs, Ranked

Strip clubs are one of those things we all know exist — yet somehow still feel like an absolute mystery. Why do so few people seem to have actually been inside them? And what kind of experience does it provide? To find out, I headed down to Canberra (Australia) for two weeks with my friends to explore some of its most popular strip joints. Here’s everything you need to know…

  • The BEST Strip Clubs in Canberra
    There are plenty of strip clubs around Australia, as well as internationally. But there are just six places here which are worth considering if you want to get your clubbing on this side of the world.
  1. Strippers Paradise – ACTUALLY A GYM FOR BODYBUILDING AND FITNESS! This place offers up some of the hottest dancers on the ACT scene right now. When you first walk into the doors, you’ll be greeted by an impressive array of fitness equipment, free weights, cardio machines, leg press stations, and more! It will take your breath away. As far as the actual stripper goes, she was pretty much amazing. She had incredible legs, beautiful face, and even offered me her number when I asked if she could give me any pointers on how to approach lapdancing. Definitely check these ladies out! They’re super friendly too. You’d probably enjoy talking to them after hours while sipping on cocktails rather than trying to chat someone up during their performance.
  2. Crazy Girls Nightclub & Lounge – This place has got such a naughty vibe going on. Not only were the girls hot, but the music was loud enough to drown out almost every noise outside. There was a DJ playing hip hop and dancehall all night long though, so it wasn’t exactly quiet. We sat at the bar watching as everyone danced on tables or grabbed each others bottoms from behind. No matter where you looked, men seemed to be ogling women left and right. If you go here alone, expect lots of flirtatious looks and touches. If you bring your own drink, don’t worry about getting carded either because they serve alcohol.
  3. Sirens Showgirls Casino Royale Hotel – We found ourselves sitting next to the stage watching the show unfold before our eyes. While many other venues require you to sit in rows, this one allows you to move around the casino floor freely. The lights were bright and the atmosphere was lively. These girls sure knew how to work the crowd. Some of them even came over and started dancing directly beside us. One girl who worked here gave us some tips on approaching lap dances, which helped a lot. Overall, it was quite fun despite being slightly noisy since there weren’t very many customers.
  4. Venus Blue – Venus Blue isn’t technically located within the city itself. However, once again, we made arrangements to visit the venue via Uber Eats. Once parked across the street from Venus Blue, we walked towards the back entrance. On the way, we passed through a dark alleyway and saw several couples having sex in cars. After entering the building, we went upstairs and ordered drinks off the menu. Upon arrival, we met the manager who showed us around the VIP section. He said he wanted to make sure we enjoyed our evening and brought us food throughout the whole trip. From then on, it was smooth sailing. Since we didn’t pay extra for entry, we decided to return later that day to see more shows.
  5. Topless Tuesdays – If you’ve never heard of Topsies Tuesday, you should definitely try it out sometime soon. Every Tuesday, this place opens their doors for half price admission. For example, if you normally spend $100 per person to attend a private party, you would instead only end up paying around $50 per head. Although it might sound cheap, the quality of service doesn’t drop. In fact, it gets better. Instead of being seated in typical nightclub seating, you receive table topside seats near the action. Plus, all the bars feature live DJs spinning techno music that pumps full volume through the entire establishment.
  6. Ladyboyz Cabaret – You won’t believe how small this place really is. It took less than 5 minutes to navigate between booths. Even though it may appear tiny at first glance, this place held a respectable amount of people. It felt cozy and intimate, making it perfect for solo visits. Most importantly, the staff here aren’t shy about giving patrons attention. Many of them approached us personally to talk, share stories, and ask questions. Also, the bathrooms were extremely clean.
  7. Pinkberry – Pinkberry is known for its delicious frozen yogurt products. So naturally, why wouldn’t you want to eat something sweet afterwards?! Right next door to Topless Tuesdays, we stopped by Pinkberry after finishing dinner. Unfortunately, we arrived late due to traffic delays. Luckily, we were able to watch three different shows for free. Afterwards, we went back to our hotel room and relaxed until bedtime.
    Overall, we spent four nights exploring various establishments in Canberra. Each location offered unique experiences ranging from crazy high energy environments to laidback lounges filled with cute cocktail waitresses. Ultimately, however, none of these locations could compare to the sheer intensity of visiting a top secret “naughty” strip joint called Naked Ladies Gentlemen Escort Service.
  • TOP 10 Strip Clubs in Canberra
    With hundreds of thousands of people living in this area, Canberra boasts tons of strip clubs. Yet only ten stand above the rest for their popularity, uniqueness, overall appeal, and ability to consistently attract new clients year after year.
  1. Déjà Vu – Déjà Vu is considered to be one of the oldest strip clubs in Canberra. It features a wide selection of gorgeous female entertainers performing exotic pole dances. All the ladies wear revealing clothing and perform sensual movements with their hips in order to entice customers. At times, they bend forward to touch their toes while shaking their buttocks seductively. Additionally, they occasionally lift up their shirts to reveal ample cleavage to further stimulate customers. Due to the nature of their performances, nudity is always allowed.
  2. Dreamworlds Adult Entertainment Centre – Dreamworlds Adult Entertainment Centre is home to both male and females stripping together. Their entertainment consists of sexy pole dances performed individually or simultaneously. During certain acts, they put a blindfold on customers’ heads to heighten surprise and thrill levels. Like most strip clubs, nudity is strictly enforced.
  3. Kixx Ultra Xtreme Gentleman’s Club – Kixx Ultra Xtreme Gentleman’s Club is home to some of Canberra’s wildest strippers. Located in Braddon, this club is renowned for its outrageous costumes and scantily clad dancers. With five floors to choose from, there is bound to be one suited to satisfy your desires no matter what type of bachelor party activity you plan.
  4. Barely There Bar + Spa – Barely There focuses entirely on providing its guests with professional spa treatments. Aside from offering regular massages, facials, manicures, pedicures, body scrubs, etc., they also host exclusive parties for groups. Whether you’re planning a birthday celebration, bachelor party, corporate event, or anything else, Barely There makes it incredibly easy to arrange whatever you desire.
  5. Gold Coast Angels – Gold Coast Angels is another classy strip club in Canberra featuring stunning models ready to please. Similar to other establishments, nude bodies are encouraged throughout the entirety of their performances.
  6. Hot Lips Club – Hot Lips Club is a relatively new addition to Canberra’s strip club scene. Its main focus revolves around hosting bachelorette parties and stag events. Despite being fairly new, it already appears promising.
  7. Satin Dolls – Satin Dolls is Canberra’s newest strip club, opening its doors in October 2021. Currently operating under temporary license, Satin Dolls plans to eventually become one of Canberra’s biggest names.

What to Expect at a Strip Club in Canberra
Now that you know where to look, let’s discuss what to expect once you step foot inside a Canberra strip club. Keep reading to discover whether you’ll leave feeling satisfied or completely creeped out..

15 Unforgettable Strip Club Experiences in Canberra
When it comes to strip clubs, nothing beats experiencing them firsthand. That’s why we visited multiple spots in Canberrra including some of the best venues here. Below, you’ll learn about our favorite memories along with some scary ones we hope never happen.
a. Dinner Dates
One of my personal favorites included taking dates to restaurants after attending a couple shows. Typically, we would begin by ordering appetizers and dessert. Then, we would often decide to grab some wine. Throughout the meal, we discussed random topics ranging from politics to pop culture. Before heading back to the club, we would sometimes stop at a supermarket to pick up groceries.
b. Group Events
On occasion, I attended group events hosted by particular clubs. My favorite memory involved bringing a friend to a special Valentine’s Day themed event organized by a club named Love Addict. There, we watched dozens of attractive girls parade around…

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