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Burwood is a suburb of Sydney and you will find it at about 50 minutes drive from downtown. It has become popular with both locals as well as visitors because of its close proximity to some of the most famous attractions such as the Royal Botanic Gardens, Sydney Opera House and also Darling Harbour. The area itself offers many things for all types of people – whether you want an urban lifestyle or you are looking for something more laid back. There are plenty of shops, restaurants and bars that can be found here along with parks where you can go jogging or simply relax on your own private balcony while enjoying one of the spectacular sunsets over the harbor.

One thing though, if you’re planning to visit this place during daytime (and especially when there’s no rain), I’d suggest not to take any heavy bags with you. This neighborhood is quite small so don’t expect parking spaces outside of local businesses and apartments. So make sure you have enough time to enjoy everything that Burwood has to offer. If you do decide to come out anyway then keep in mind that public transportation isn’t really convenient. You’ll need either bus services or taxi service that usually costs around $10-15 AUD per trip. And yes, they speak English here!

First off let me tell you what kind of person should consider coming to this part of town for their next holiday getaway. Well, if you like quiet environment away from noise and pollution but still within easy reach of shopping centers, nightlife and entertainment venues, cultural spots and other tourist destinations, then I think Erotic Massage in Burwood would suit you just fine. As mentioned earlier, unlike inner parts of Sydney, this location does not attract massive crowds which gives everyone more peace and privacy. One thing worth mentioning however is that even though there aren’t too many cars running on this road, traffic lights are synchronized well between intersections so you shouldn’t experience much delay getting anywhere.

Now onto what we’ve been talking about. What exactly does Erotic Massage mean? Basically, it refers to an individualized type of body treatment performed by professional masseurs who know how to use different kinds of oil based products to give your skin sensation of pleasure. Depending on your preferences, you may choose the level of intensity of touch, pressure and temperature applied to various areas of your body. Generally speaking, you can ask them to apply light strokes (which means less intense) or firm ones (more intensive). Some masseuses might even include extra tricks like using lotions, oils etc., depending on your taste and preference. All these techniques aim to stimulate certain nerve endings located in specific areas of human bodies – those sensitive points known as erogenous zones. Of course, nothing beats actual physical contact between two loving hands… But hey, maybe you prefer having someone doing all the work for you 😉

So now you know why you came across this article right? To learn more information about the best places offering Erotic Massages in Burwood. Now that you understand what exactly this type of body rub entails, let me share my findings regarding locations that provide quality treatments. First up, I would recommend visiting one of the following establishments;

1.) The Little Delight
Located at No. 3/11 Ainslie Street, this business was established in 2000 and specializes in providing high class sensual full body massages including the head and face area. They also offer special “happy ending” packages that includes additional stimulation through clothing removal. Prices start from AU$70 for 30minutes. Phone: 02 9357 6888

2.) Mai Thai Touch
This establishment takes pride in being rated among top massage therapists in Sydney. Offering traditional Thai style massage combined with modern approach, Mai Thai Touch aims to bring relaxation and rejuvenation to every client. Their philosophy is to treat each customer like family and try to create long lasting relationships with clients. Located at 1st floor, Level 10 Crown Building, Pacific Hwy corner Macquarie Place, the price starts from AU$90 for 60mins. Tel.:+61 2 9225 4500 http://www.maithaitouch.com.au/index_en.html

3.) Oriental Garden Day Spa
Situated inside Oriental Garden Hotel, this day spa provides relaxing atmosphere and highly personalized oriental health care programs. They offer hot stone therapy, foot reflexology, shiatsu massage, aromatherapy and therapeutic facial. They believe that good health comes from balance and harmony of mind, body, spirit and soul. For prices starting from AU$80 for 45 min, phone +61 2 9364 5111.

4.) Pleasant Pointe
If you’re willing to pay slightly higher prices ($150-$250) than other establishments in Burwood, then you could check out Pleasant Pointe located near Burwood Leisure Centre. Here you’ll receive truly unforgettable body treatments using only premium natural ingredients and organic essential oils. For booking purposes please call 0419 792 888

5.) Sydneys Best Sensations

In order to cater to all tastes, SBS also runs specials on regular basis. However, if you wish to book beforehand, feel free to drop by anytime between 11am till late afternoon. Also, if you happen to live nearby, I’d strongly encourage you to stop by and see how great this place actually is. Price ranges from AU$160 -AU$220 per hour. Please note that due to popularity, sometimes appointments might fill quickly, so it’s recommended to arrive early to avoid disappointment. Contact info: 1800 044 444, www.sbsmassage.com.au.

6.) My Thai Reflex & Rejuvenating Massage Studio

Owned by a native Thai lady, My Thai Reflex & Rejuvenating Massage Studio strives to deliver exceptional value for money. Its main goal is to help others discover the benefits of authentic Asian holistic therapies. In addition to standard Swedish massage, they also perform Shiatsu, Acupuncture, Thai Yoga Therapy, Foot Reflexology, Hot Stone Massage, Reiki, Herbal Medicine Treatment and Ayurveda Treatments. Apart from taking care of your overall health, they also focus on improving circulation and relieving muscle tension, pain, stress and fatigue. Most importantly they emphasize on treating individuals holistically rather than focusing solely on symptom relief alone. They operate Monday to Friday from 12pm to 10 pm. Bookings are advised. Location: 18A Elizabeth Street, Surry Hills. Ph: + 61 2 9866 1332 Email: tanyaboyne@hotmail.com

7.) Asian Bliss
Offering a range of affordable yet exquisite body treatments, Asian Bliss is ideally situated at the heart of Sydney CBD. With comfortable surroundings, friendly staff and reasonable rates, Asian Bliss is definitely one of the best places to indulge yourself into luxurious pampering experiences. Visit them today to explore the wonders of Eastern culture and meet new friends. Pricing starts from AU$120 for 90 mins. Phone: 02 8942 7822 Fax:02 9977 2900

8.) Rouge Et Noir
As far as French goes, Rouge et Noir is probably one of the first words that spring to mind. Established since 1998, Rouge et Noir prides itself with delivering superior level of personal attention to customers. Specializing in Couples’ Massage, they also provide facials, manicures and pedicure. Other facilities offered include sauna, steam room, Jacuzzi bathtub, fully equipped gymnasium and indoor pool. While prices vary according to seasonality, it usually cost somewhere around AU$130 for 40min. Note that reservations will incur surcharges. Phone: 1300 132 768

9.) Body Balance
With years of experience in this field, Body Balance believes in creating healthy balanced lives through customized massage program designed specifically for you. After consultation, masseuse applies appropriate amount of pressure to target problem areas. By incorporating numerous techniques, Body Balance assures satisfaction regardless of age, gender or fitness levels. Located at unit 201, 16-18 Park Terrace, Bondi Beach. Phone:+61 2 9365 0123 Fax:+61 2 9599 1412 Website:http://www.bodybalancehealthspas.com.au

Well folks, hopefully after reading this informative piece, you should have gained better understanding of what Erotic Massage actually is and what makes it stand apart from other forms of body rub. At least now you know where to look for the best deals and promotions available in Sydney’s suburbs.

Thanks for stopping by and stay tuned for upcoming articles featuring reviews on other awesome places that serve delicious meals in Sydney. Until next time!

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