A Guide to Choosing a Smithfield Brothel

If you’re looking for a Smithfield brothel, you have to know that there are several choices. This is why a lot of men are overwhelmed. With these many choices, some of them end up making the wrong choice. Sure, there are a lot of great brothels in the area, but there are some bad ones as well. This is why it’s a good idea that you stick with the best ones and this list features some of the best ones that you should check out.


This is a good choice if you consider yourself a “party animal”. It has this club vibe going on. Of course, it’s a club packed with a lot of sexy women ready to party with you.

One of the best things about this Smithfield brothel is you have two choices when it comes to picking a woman. You can go to a lounge area where you can pick a lady or you can go to a private suite and have the receptionist bring you the ladies one by one so you can make your selection.

The ladies represent countries all over the world. They’re sexy and alluring at the same time. They are armed with sweet smiles that will easily turn into a naughty smile once you get them.

Located in 239 Northumberland St, it’s one of the more expensive brothels in the area but it’s worth it. You have to pay $150 for 30 minutes of service or if you prefer, you can pay $270 for an hour service. You can also upgrade with a spa and pool service.

Asians at Smithfield

Just as the name of this Smithfield brothel implies, its specialty is Asian women. Located in 1/72-80 Percival RD, you’ll be overwhelmed with a lot of alluring choices of Asian women. Men line up for their Korean women. Check them out to see for yourself why. It’s not just Koreans. You’ll see some enticing Chinese, Thai and Japanese women.

The rate is $85 for 30 minutes of full service. You can also book an Asian woman for an hour of full service for just $135. There’s also the daytime special where the rates are discounted by about $5. They accept credit cards but they prefer cash. For any questions and reservations, you can call them at 02 9604 8818.


This Smithfield brothel on 1/181 McCredie Rd offers you two options for adult fun – massage or full service. This prestigious brothel offers you a wide variety of choices when it comes to women from Monday to Sunday.

They classify their services into four categories – A, B, C and D. Rates start at $90 for 30 minutes of services B, C and D and can go as high to $250 for an hour of the same services. Service A has a more expensive 30 minutes of service at $150.

For questions and reservations to this Smithfield brothel, they have two phone numbers that you can contact – 02 9721 3187 and 02 9681 3698.

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