69 Massage Sydney: The Best Erotic Massage in Town

Imagine this scene…
You’re lying on your back as she straddles over your body. She begins by placing her hands gently around your neck and shoulders then slowly moving them down across your chest before resting on each side of your torso.

She continues this sensuous journey all the way down to between your legs where she places both palms firmly onto either leg while leaning forward slightly. With one hand still holding your right thigh up, she uses the other to caress your inner thighs softly and rubs gently along your perineum (the area directly below your balls). You can’t help but let out an audible moan when she does that. Then, without warning, she switches which foot receives more attention – or perhaps it was always like that. Either way, you’ll find yourself reaching for her hair and moans coming thick and fast now. This is what I call “erotic” massage.

If this sounds like something you’d enjoy having done to you, then read further because here’s how you book such a session and get exactly what you want in a 69 massage Sydney.

How to Have the Best Sex of Your Life with 69 Massage Sydney
There are many ways to have sex, some better than others depending on who you ask. For me personally, oral sex has long been my favorite form of sexual pleasure. It doesn’t matter whether I’m engaging in intercourse or manual stimulation alone (such as masturbation), nothing gives me greater satisfaction than receiving a warm tongue lapping against my clitoris and labia. If you’ve never experienced anything quite like it, then you need to try it for yourself. There isn’t much else like it in terms of arousing sensations, so don’t dismiss it lightly if you haven’t tried it yet.

Now, there are two main forms of 69 massage offered by most reputable masseurs in town: front-to-back or reverse. Some prefer one type over another, and it really depends upon your preference. However, if you do decide to go for a combination of these positions, please note that the person giving the massage should start off facing away from their partner. That means they won’t be able to see your face clearly during the process. As far as technique goes, we recommend using only light pressure, especially near sensitive areas such as the head, ears and nipples. Don’t forget about the rear end too. While not nearly as sensitive as the front part of our bodies, it deserves just as much care and consideration. Start things off slow and build momentum once you reach the midway point. After all, you wouldn’t think twice about standing still for ten minutes during a normal workout would you? Well, why stand still during a sexy massage? Once again, take your time and make sure you receive the full treatment. Remember, this is supposed to be fun, enjoyable and relaxing after all.

Most importantly though, don’t worry about being shy. Let your partners know that you’re open to new ideas and activities, even if they seem strange at first. Most people aren’t very comfortable expressing themselves sexually, so allow them to show you what works for them. Just remember to remain relaxed throughout the whole experience, regardless of what position(s) you choose. And lastly, don’t hesitate to suggest new scenarios and play around with different techniques until you come up with something unique. One thing every couple needs is inspiration.

As previously mentioned, some may favor doing 69 massage backwards rather than forwards. In case you hadn’t noticed, the opposite holds true for women. They generally love to give oral pleasure. So, if you happen to be female, consider asking your partner to lean backward and spread their legs apart as wide as possible. Now, place your mouth above his genitals and begin licking him through his underwear. When he gets close enough, simply pull his penis into your mouth. Make sure your cheeks meet around the tip of the shaft. Do the same with his testicles. Now, continue stroking him upwards toward his belly button. At the top, release his cock completely and suck his pre-cum into your mouth. Finally, use your fingers to stimulate the underside of his member. By taking turns giving and receiving oral stimulation, everyone can maximize their enjoyment.

And speaking of enjoying oneself, sometimes getting a good orgasm requires more effort than usual. That’s why it pays to work closely with a professional masseur whenever possible. A talented masseuse knows precisely how to touch various parts of the anatomy to achieve maximum arousal. Whether you’re ready for a simple back massage or a naughty 69 massage Sydney, a good therapist can bring any woman to climax within seconds flat.

69 Massage Sydney: Here’s What to Expect
The purpose of a 69 massage Sydney is to satisfy both parties involved. Ideally, the giver wants to provide deep muscle relaxation, whereas the receiver desires heightened sensuality. To put it bluntly, men usually look for erections, orgasms and ejaculation, while women seek soft skin contact, feelings of euphoria and increased blood flow. These goals are easily achieved when practiced properly. Masseuses typically specialize in providing erotically stimulating services tailored specifically towards making their clients happy. Not surprisingly, the vast majority of our customers return time and time again for repeat sessions. Many of whom also tell us that they have found someone with exceptional skills.

Before booking a session, ensure that you understand everything thoroughly including payment methods and cancellation policies. Also, keep in mind that since 69 massage Sydney involves intimate acts, it is advisable to reserve beforehand. On average, most couples spend anywhere from $90-$110 AUD for an hour-long session. Since prices can vary depending on location and availability, we highly encourage you to visit this page for additional information regarding pricing.

Finally, no discussion of 69 massage Sydney would be complete without mentioning its origins. Originally known as the cowgirl ride, the term ’69’ refers to the distance between your nose and knees. Though somewhat misleading, the name stuck due to its resemblance to the number 69 bus route in London. Although popularized recently, 69 massage Sydney dates back centuries ago among the ancient Greeks and Romans, whose upper class members enjoyed the benefits of elite health spas. Today, it remains a favourite amongst those seeking passionate encounters.

Sensual, Tantric & Erotic Massages from the Pros at 69 Massage Sydney
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